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Hello! My name’s Louise AKA Weevil. I’m a Podiatrist, Mother and Part time Travel/Adventure Blogger. Welcome to my blog!  Here you’ll find inspiration for those THIRTY AND BEYOND adventurers .

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 “Life is meant to be a challenge, because challenges are what make you grow”. Manny Pacquiao

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30 and Beyond Adventure Awaits.

Goodbye twenties! HELLO!! Thirties and Beyond. Adventure awaits. Long are the days that one, thought once you hit your thirties you should have settled down, married, brought your dream house, had a family, set out your career path and stopped travelling and exploring the world.

Thirties and beyond is the time to travel.

Single? Married? Have a Mortgage? Have Family? or Divorced?

Any and all of these above, are NO EXCUSE not to continue to venture out and try new experiences new delicacies see other cultures and explore the world or you own backyard. Now is your time to put your foot forward and get out there!

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Solo Adventure

Are you leaving your family behind and looking at embarking on a solo adventure.. Check out my guides and advise to help you have the confidence to go it alone on you next adventure!

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Family Adventure

Are you planning a trip with your children and are wondering where to go or what activities are fun as well as kid friendly? Check our family adventures to give you inspiration.

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Health & Fitness

Now that your thirty and beyond you need to respect your body and look after your health. Here you will find tips and advise to prevent poor health and lower limb injuries.

Get Ready to Start Your Adventure…

Use the resources below to help you on your next adventure:
Trip Inspiration


First thing’s first! Where do you want to go? Somewhere Hot? Or Cold? What do you want to do? There are so many options will you travel close by or far away? I have shared my adventures and top travel tips from my travel adventures to help inspire you. If you need a little inspiration check out my posts below to help you on your way.


So, you have decided on a destination? What are your interests? How much will you need for your trip? What will you need to pack? I LOVE planning my trips, researching where to go and what to do. Check out the posts below to help plan your dream trip!


Travel Gear


Right, one of the most crucial factors when travelling is the gear you take. You don’t want to have too much or too little, but what is the perfect amount?

Seriously you don’t need a lot of gear when on the road. However, you need to invest in excellent quality gear that is durable, light and suitable for the destination you are heading too. There’s nothing worse than lugging around gear you don’t even use or an item breaking at the beginning of your trip.

I have learnt the hard way, on my first travel journeys I brought inexpensive gear for my trip, not thinking about future and only considered using them for travel not daily life.

All the Travel Gear I recommend below; I use for my travels as well as daily life.


There is so much so see and do around you, yet we often forgo travelling after our twenties or settle down in the area we live in once we find our dream job or start a family.

Travel gives YOU challenges, it gets You out of YOUR comfort zone and gives YOU confidence and independence to be a better version of YOURSELF, which in turn improves YOUR home and work balance.

Whether YOU choose to travel with your family, friends or solo I would love to help give YOU the confidence to plan YOUR own trip.